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Thanks for stopping by! I created this page because ALL of us have a story. That story is best captured through the words of the moment during which we are having an experience. Be those experiences in travel, work, love & romance, or maybe even food, night life, adulthood, or even hobby, they are life changing ventures nonetheless. No matter the moment, no matter the lifestyle...there's a way to capitalize off of them and give them even more purpose. That's what Journey Mag is all about. It's a literary capture of those moments in life we don't get back, don't want to forget, and that we love to share with others. As writers our pens are to us what the camera is to the photographer. Our super power is expression through transcribing our inner most. Expressing ourselves is not just a practice but an art. You might agree, which is why you've landed here. This page is for you. This page is for us. This mag is dedicated to living, writing, and journaling our Journey. 

Entry 1

"Big Ole Move...Recent Change"

April 14, 2020

Written by: Amal Black

An entry that discusses the reinstatement of self after relocating to another city. Moving from Memphis to Dallas was a big leap of faith, and possibly a giant step for man kind. 

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Every now and then we have to step out of our comfort zones and get out into the world. It helps to find different spaces that house little moments of inspiration for you. As I blog my life and journey I like to share the little things as we all seek to grow, manifest, and blaze our own trails. Thanks for watching. PLEASE LIKE SHARE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE to help this vlog circulate. Pass it to someone who needs it and then leave Me your feedback. Follow me on IG @amal_ blacktalent or on FACEBOOK as Amal Black.


Search the movie on Tubi or Prime Video


A film by Gingersnaps Productions

FYI--In the film I play, Jamaal. A humorous Office Security guard.


have You seen it?


“The Pop-Up Culture” Ep 1. (Pilot)

A talk show immersed in Pop-Culture that follows and Pops-Up at unique locations to discuss Popular Topics with Popular People while also allowing viewers to WIN prizes as trivia questions Pop-Up throughout the show. Hence the name, “The Pop-Up Culture”.


Location: For this episode we Popped-Up at K3 Studios Café in Memphis, TN. Run by Derrick Dean and Chef Cory Whitaker, K3 Studio Café is a unique vibrant restaurant where intimate live shows and good eats happen daily! Submit Your answers to the Pop-Up Trivia questions in the comments or email


Produced by 2Scoops Ent

Presented by Eye’m All Black Studios Inc. ( Shot by Doc Films

Hosted by Amal Black (IG: @amal_blacktalent)

Interviewing Music Producer 2Scoops (IG: @2Scoops_)



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