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Eye'm-ABS inc.

Your Creative Third Eye

for Publishing, Marketing, & Notary Services

Mission: To publish entertaining content, and provide professional creative services for individuals seeking publishing, marketing, and or notary services. Either near or far!


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Our Background

Eye'm All Black Studios Inc. was launched (Summer 2018) marketing, publishing, and multimedia consulting company that specializes in services regarding music, literature, art and entertainment. Since then, we've added notary services. Although, we tailor our offering of services to what YOU need, they do range from consulting: project management, event marketing, books & music publishing, social media management to also artist and brand development. Summer 2018, we released our premiere publication a book/play called, "The Burdens of Melia & The Man" (to, and have since published high quality music (i.e. our single "Rel”Eye”Able” & an EP entitled “Thirty-One” by Amal Black) to ITunes and other popular music streaming platforms. Since those releases EyemABSInc.’s  propietor, Amal Black has begun establishing a #rel"EYE"able (reliable)  name amongst local creatives, educators, city elites, and even a few notable Stars! Now as an Indi Personality (Publisher), Black makes special contacts and appearances in an effort to continue acquiring YOUR business while developing his own. Here at Eye’m All Black Studios Inc. we seek to nurture creative professional connections by being that creative third eye others need. We're here and invite You or Your Business to be a seed in the growth of the company. Let us inspire Your creative EYE and be a #Rel"EYE"Able# resource for your next entrepreneurial endeavor. 

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We Put Your Needs First

Publishing & Writing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

     Be it for music, literature, or business Eye’mABSInc. is prepared to enlist the resources you need to see your creative projects through from conception, to production and even distribution. We’re here to help you produce and or publish your work. Inquire further via email. We got you! 


Marketing & Communications 

Here For You

We want all of our clients to experience our unique approach to marketing & communications! Utilizing a great level of professionalism here at Eye’m All Black Studios Inc. we can help supply you with the marketing materials you need in order to broadcast and promote your products & services. You can trust us to supply you with the best ideas and content for your next campaign! We’ll even help you promote and advertise! Inquire with an email NOW! 



Meet Others Like You

     Browse our community tab and find your niche! We've featured and spotlighted writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other  local (out of state) talents! Feel free to submit an inquiry on how you can be featured on the site here within our  EyemABSinc community tab.

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Strategy & Consulting 

Next Level Service

     Our most sought after service is creative consulting. We believe that’s because sometimes creatives and entrepreneurs enjoy collaborating and often see the value in contracting a third party to help generate, structure, and implement their branding ideas! Perhaps the most valuable quality in our approach to consulting though, is our unique ability to help you connect your professional dots. Helping you see your ideas better, then coupling them with the resources available to you, and webbing them to success is key. From the drawing-board to “ground-breaking-day”, we’ve got you cover. Seeing a client cut that red ribbon, launch a fresh new marketing campaign, or even land a great deal is consultant #Goals! Book a consultation today!

Hours of Operation 

You're Welcome to Reach Us

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

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All Submissions Welcome! 

Get in Touch


Dallas, TX 75231


We'll put you in our data base & contact you if there's any opportunity! We're looking to collaborate, partner, and patronize. Let us know who you are! 

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