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Proprietor Statement 

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Only if after browsing the site, soaking up the brand and following us You've become compelled to leave us a donation. You see our vision and believe in our mission. You want to see us grow. Thus, help us expound on our efforts by leaving a coin (along with your info. so that we can reach out, shout you out, and thank you personally)!

Some of us were born to be writers, communicators, educators, storytellers, and even healers. No matter the talent though, we spend years cultivating our gift into a skill that we later learn many others have a need for. Of course it’s our pleasure to impart our talent on the community and we indulge in showcasing our artistry to the world through various modes of communication. Finding, our niche in a relentless, antagonistic society is a challenge. But many of us still create in order to express our inner most so that we might edify our higher selves. Rising above in order to achieve is a must. Though, surely not everyone’s a fan and many won’t buy in to you, that’s ok! Because many others will praise and admire your work ethic and the sheer fact that no matter what, you’ve kept forging ahead, your focus is unbreakable and your dreams are priority. Accomplishment is your best friend and the one you can truly trust in the end. You believe in You! You believe in Your talents! You’ve lived your lies and You know your truth! You’ve nurtured the pen of life and are writing a story so good that every stroke is worth living. That’s what people love to see, that’s the story an audience pays to hear. It’s the story you want people to know. It’s the tale you want to clarify. It’s literally the legacy some of us are living to write and leave behind everyday. I am some of us, You are some of us....We all are stories in the making, characters in development...and pages waiting to be turned. So, what’s your story? #eyemallblackstudiosincpublishing ##tvwriters #tvwritersofinstagram #authors #publisher #giftedandtalented #magazine #newwebsite #bloggerswanted #writinginspiration #producers #filmcommunity #filmproduction #localfilmmakers #songwritersofinstagram

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