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Parallel Lines
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Out NOW!!!
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WRITTEN BY: @Amal_blacktalent   

PRODUCED BY: @Supaproducer901

RECORDED AT: @Digitaluniviersity

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"MAKE IT LINGER", is a track that you'll vibe out to, thinking about that one person with an amazing aura and aroma you can't forget.


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New Single Drop

This FIRE new single "Big Ole Move" by Amal Black is for YOU! It's the Go-Getter's soundtrack! Every day you get out and you grind until one day it hits you, "It's time to upgrade". The feeling of comfort becomes uncomfortable. Your dreams and plans won't allow you to sleep.You begin burning the midnight oil in preparation for your next move. You know your next move has to be "BIG". 

NOW streaming on YouTube!

Support the website now and get the single for just a $1. Then add it to your favorite playlist, share it to your social media and remind a friend that... "Sometimes when you grind'n you just gotta make that BIG OLE MOVE!"

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Share the single from this page to your social media creating a post with your favorite line from the song & use "#BIGOLEMOVE". Be sure to tag or @ US and a friend so that we see you!!!

Submit your shipping address & info along with your CashApp handle (or request a Visa gift card) at the bottom of our HOME page.


TWO lucky winners from the drawing will receive a "Big Ole Move" tank top, a Cash Prize of $50, and 50% off of a "Rel"EYE"Able" designer Tee! 

Enter Today, contest ends Oct. 9th

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Share this page to your social media with, #RelEYEAbleWritingContest

Then in 250-350 words email us what being Reliable LOOKS like to you! Mention a time when you or someone you know had to be relied upon and  came through shining! All stories welcome via 

(Subject line: NAME, Reliable Writing Contest)


 Two lucky writers will enter and win:

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Let's talk being...

Well, T-Shirts are in, and I must say they are pretty fly!!! Our signature line is pronounced Reliable but spelled with a twist,"Rel"EYE"Able". Remember a time you met an individual who was so uniquely dependable? Is that person you? I mean, all of the qualities of a real life hero or heroin either you or they truly possess. People admire your resilience, and that take-charge attitude you have when it comes to helping others. Or maybe you look up to someone who's hard working and efficient. They put their all in to everything they do. They are undoubtedly the vision of what it means to be reliable. They are a true leader. Metaphorically speaking, if their "...deeds were shoes, Your feet couldn't fit them"(quoted from our single "Reliable" now playing on our Home page). 

Why? Because Everyone...Our deeds always proceed us. They are the essence of what makes YOUR shoes hard to fill! Thus, we at EyemABSInc created a Tee-Shirt that represents that guy or gal  who's deeds are far to great to wear on his or her sleeve, but who is always proud to wear it on their chest! You are the poster child of Reliable. And we want to help you state that.


Are you..."#Rel"EYE"Able#"?  

...Thank You

for Reading! 

Join the WAVE, make the #Rel"EYE"Able!

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"Green as Desire"


Follow this scripted series as a greedy lover, a possessive best friend, and a charming budding painter get entangled over money, schemes, and aspirations. See how a winning ticket, and tainted love shows us exactly how money is as green as desire.    

Enjoyed Ep1? Find out
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                             -Amal -

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